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Congratulations!!! You have your Pistol permit! We offer Tactical Pistol training.

You have received your pistol permit and purchased a firearm.  Now what?  How well do you know your firearm?  What would you do at the ATM, late at night in the supermarket parking lot, or when your car is trapped in traffic and someone is trying to carjack you?  Are you ready to take action?  Do you have the proper mind set?  You will never need your weapon until you need it badly!

In a certain sense, a firearm is like a fire extinguisher.  It is necessary to have, but we hope you never have to use it.  We don’t go out and buy the fire extinguisher when the house is engulfed in flames.  Better to look AT it than look FOR it.  In some situations, a firearm may be the only thing that will separate you from life and death.  Your life or a family member's life.

If you have your pistol permit, this course is perfect for you.  Possessing a firearm should not be left to mediocre skill levels.

You will learn the following::

  • Basic and advanced shooting.
  • Correct and quick response.
  • Shooting from a vehicle.
  • Shoot/Don’t shoot exercises.
  • Low light shooting.
  • Handgun retention.
  • Using a laser site.
  • Tactical use of a flashlight.
  • Shooting under pressure or while injured.
  • Shooting around your vehicle.
  • Dominant/Non-dominant hand shooting.
  • Overcoming weapon jams.
  • Aggressive body language interpretation.
  • Physical and armed attack while seated in your vehicle (Anti-car jacking tactics).

All advanced courses require candidates to have completed an intermediate level course and/or demonstrate intermediate proficiency in the course subject.  Candidates for the Law Enforcement/Advanced Skills course are subject to agency verification and/or criminal background checks prior to acceptance into the course.

Israeli Point Shooting

The Israeli method of point shooting is often regarded as a shooting style, when it is, in fact, a small percent of what makes this method unique and extremely effective.  This method is based on the shooter’s instinctive reactions and kinematics to quickly engage close range targets.  This method is reliable and user friendly.  It is utilized at all levels of Israeli military defense.  You will train to neutralize the threat in the quickest way possible.  Stress and pressure (stress inoculation) are introduced at advanced stages of the training to accustom the body and mind to realistic events.  This training is geared toward deadly force rather than shooting competitions.

Training is not expensive!  It's life saving.  It's priceless!

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